Does Acai Have Protein?

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Does Acai Have Protein?

While Açaí itself may not contain high protein content, the potential to craft protein-rich acai bowls and smoothies is easily achievable with the right additions. If you find yourself wondering, “does acai have protein?”, SAMBAZON’s Superfruit packs contain approximately 2 grams of protein per 100 grams. While this may not be a substantial amount of acai berry protein, it serves as a great base for a protein-packed creation.  

If you’re seeking a high-protein meal, there are various ingredients you can incorporate into your acai bowls and smoothie recipes to achieve a protein-rich recipe. Some excellent options to consider include protein powders, which come in various flavors and cater to dietary preferences. Additionally, a coconut or cashew milk yogurt adds creaminess and a protein boost, while peanut butter contributes both flavor and protein richness.  

For those who prefer a dairy-based approach, adding milk or almond milk can further increase the protein content. By combining these protein-rich elements with acai, health enthusiasts can relish a delicious and nutritious acai bowl protein option to kick-start their day or fuel their post-workout recovery. 

High-Protein Acai Bowl Recipes 

Creating high-protein acai bowls is a breeze, making it one of the simplest and most delicious ways to incorporate protein into your diet. Unlike other high-protein alternatives, acai bowls add a burst of flavor to your daily protein intake, making eating an acai protein meal combination an enjoyable experience. 

High-Protein Acai Bowl with Almond Butter and Chia Seeds 


1 SAMBAZON Superfruit Original Acai Pack 

1 ripe frozen banana 

1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk 

1 tablespoon almond butter 

2 tablespoons chia seeds 

1/3 cup granola (sugar-free or low-sugar) 

Fresh berries and sliced almonds for topping 


Blend the acai and guarana blend, ripe banana, unsweetened almond milk, and almond butter until smooth. Pour the mixture into a bowl and sprinkle chia seeds on top. Add a generous layer of granola for crunch and texture. Finish by topping the bowl with fresh berries and sliced almonds. This high-protein acai bowl is not only delicious but also includes nutrients to keep you energized for a workout. 

Creamy Protein-Packed Acai Bowl with Yogurt 


1 SAMBAZON Unsweetened Superfruit Acai Pack 

1/2 cup frozen mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) 

1/4 cup unsweetened coconut water 

1/2 cup cashew milk or coconut yogurt 

1 tablespoon almond butter 

1 tablespoon hemp hearts 

Fresh berries and shredded coconut for topping 


Blend the acai puree, frozen mixed berries, unsweetened coconut water, cashew milk or coconut yogurt, and almond butter until smooth and creamy. Pour the mixture into a bowl and sprinkle hemp hearts on top for an extra protein boost. Finish by adding fresh berries and shredded coconut as a delightful topping. This creamy and protein-rich acai bowl will leave you feeling satisfied and ready to take on the day. 

Tropical High-Protein Acai Bowl with Mango and Cashews 


1 SAMBAZON Unsweetened Superfruit Acai Pack 

1/2 cup frozen mango chunks 

1/4 cup coconut milk 

1 tablespoon cashew butter 

1 tablespoon unsweetened shredded coconut 

1/4 cup chopped cashews 

Sliced kiwi and additional shredded coconut for topping 


Blend the acai pack, frozen mango chunks, coconut milk, and cashew butter until smooth and creamy. Pour the mixture into a bowl and sprinkle shredded coconut on top. Add a generous layer of chopped cashews for extra protein and texture. Finish by topping the bowl with sliced kiwi and additional shredded coconut for a tropical twist. This high-protein acai bowl is a delightful combination of flavors and textures that will transport you to a beachside paradise. 

High-Protein Acai Smoothie Recipes 

For many individuals seeking to up their protein intake, smoothies have become a go-to choice. However, many find that traditional protein-packed smoothies often lack taste and excitement. The solution lies in incorporating acai into the blend!  

By adding acai to your smoothies, you not only enhance the flavor but also elevate the nutritional profile, making it a great way to make your protein consumption more enjoyable. Are you still asking “what does acai taste like”, check out our blog for the answer. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or simply aiming for a more balanced diet, acai-infused smoothies offer a refreshing and delicious way to improve your protein intake with the right protein additions. 

High-Protein Acai Almond Butter Smoothie 


1 SAMBAZON Original Superfruit Acai Pack 

1 cup unsweetened almond milk 

3 tablespoons almond butter 

2 tablespoon chia seeds 

2 tablespoon ground flaxseeds 

1/2 frozen banana (optional for added sweetness) 

1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract 


Blend the acai pack, unsweetened almond milk, almond butter, ground flaxseed, chia seeds, and frozen banana (if using) until smooth and creamy. Add a splash of vanilla extract for extra flavor. This high-protein acai almond butter smoothie includes nutritious ingredients to keep you fueled and satisfied. 

Protein-Packed Acai Green Smoothie 


1 SAMBAZON Unsweetened Superfruit Acai Pack 

1/2 cup frozen mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) 

1/2 ripe avocado 

1 cup soy milk 

1 tablespoon hemp seeds 

Handful of spinach 

2 teaspoons coconut flakes 

2 teaspoons dark chocolate nibs 

1 tablespoon walnuts 

1 teaspoon cacao powder 

1 teaspoon cinnamon 

1 tablespoon peanut butter 


Blend the acai pack, frozen mixed berries, ripe avocado, unsweetened coconut water, hemp seeds, spinach, coconut flakes, dark chocolate nibs, walnuts, cacao powder, cinnamon, and peanut butter until well combined and velvety smooth. This protein-packed acai green smoothie is a nourishing blend of flavors, offering a hearty dose of plant-based protein and healthy fats. 

Creamy Acai Coconut Oat Protein Smoothie 


1 SAMBAZON Unsweetened Superfruit Acai Pack 

1/2 cup frozen pineapple chunks 

1/4 cup coconut milk 

½ cup of Oats 

1/2 cup cashew milk or coconut yogurt 

1 tablespoon coconut oil 

1 tablespoon unsweetened shredded coconut 


Blend the acai pack, frozen pineapple chunks, coconut milk, cashew milk or coconut yogurt, coconut oil, and shredded coconut until creamy and luscious. This creamy acai coconut protein smoothie is a tropical delight, offering a nourishing blend of protein and healthy fats for a satisfying treat. 

What Other Nutritional Properties Does Acai Offer? 

Acai is revered as a superfruit and nutritional powerhouse, particularly its antioxidants, fiber, and Omega 3, 6, and 9 levels. 


First and foremost, acai has antioxidants, which play a vital role in neutralizing harmful free radicals, potentially reducing oxidative stress and promoting cellular health to keep your defenses high. 

Vitamins & Minerals (Vitamin A, Iron, Calcium, etc.) 

Additionally, acai is a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, known for supporting vision and immune function, and iron, which is crucial for oxygen transport in the body and maintaining energy levels.  

High Fiber 

Furthermore, acai is celebrated for its high fiber content, which aids in digestion and promotes a feeling of fullness, due to it being high in healthy Omegas 3,6, and 9. The fatty acids found in these Omegas are a champion of heart and brain health. 

Low Sugar 

Lastly, acai stands out as a low-sugar fruit option, making it an ideal choice for those conscious of their sugar intake. By incorporating acai into your meals, you can relish the goodness of these beneficial components while including a variety of valuable nutrients without compromising on taste or satisfaction. 

Where Can I Buy Acai? 

Discovering the wonders of acai has never been easier! Don’t wonder where to buy acai any longer, just find a nearby physical store with acai products using our Store Locator, or order online via Instacart. With a variety of options available, including acai juice, premade acai bowls, and smoothie packs, you can experience the goodness of acai in any way your taste buds choose. Start your acai journey today – explore our online store to learn more about SAMBAZON’s acai products. 

Try SAMBAZON's Delicious Acai

At SAMBAZON, acai is more than just a superfood; it's a lifestyle. Rooted in strong values, we prioritize sustainable management of the Brazilian Amazon, protecting its biodiversity and empowering local communities through our Fair-Trade practices. Our Triple Bottom Line approach ensures a positive impact on People, Planet, and Prosperity in every business decision we make to aim to be the best acai brand option on the market.

Indulge in the delicious powers of acai while supporting the Amazon rainforest and local communities. You can start by trying a taste of our Superfruit Packs with one of our protein-recipes above and be part of positive change! Check out our frozen acai packets.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Acai High in Protein? 

Acai itself is not considered high in protein. While it offers numerous health benefits and valuable nutrients, the content of protein in acai is relatively low compared to other protein-rich sources.

How Many Grams of Protein are in Acai? 

Acai contains approximately 2 grams of protein per 100 grams. While this may not be a significant source of protein on its own, it can be combined with other ingredients to create high-protein acai bowls and smoothies.

Does Acai Have Carbs? 

Yes, acai does contain carbohydrates. Our Unsweetened Packs are relatively low in carbohydrates, with only 4 grams per serving, making it a popular choice for those following low-carb or balanced diets. 

Is Acai Keto-Friendly? 

Acai can be considered keto-friendly in moderation due to its low carbohydrate content when served in its unsweetened acai puree form. It can be a part of a ketogenic diet when combined with other low-carb ingredients. 

Does Acai Build Muscle? 

Acai itself does not have muscle-building properties due to its lower protein content. However, Acai is easy to incorporate into a protein-rich diet as shown in the recipes above.   

Is Acai Actually Healthy?  

The Acai berry is widely regarded as a healthy fruit due to its rich antioxidant content, which can help combat oxidative stress and promote cellular health. If you’re curious about what acai is made of, it also contains essential vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber that contribute to a balanced diet. While acai may not be high in protein, it offers an array of other nutritional benefits that make it a valuable addition to an active lifestyle. 

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