Get to Know Coco Ho: Hawaiian Surfing Icon & SAMBASSADOR

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Get to Know Coco Ho: Hawaiian Surfing Icon & SAMBASSADOR

We are honored to have Hawaiian Surfing Legend Coco Ho as a part of our SAMBASSADOR team. At 17, Coco Ho was the youngest woman to qualify for the World Surf League Women’s World Tour. This is no surprise given that she started surfing at seven years old, following in the footsteps of her father Michael Ho, a pioneer in the North Shore surf scene on Oahu with a 25-year surf career full of impressive accolades. Coco promotes messages of courage and confidence through her social platforms to motivate her female fans and aims to inspire other girls to break through barriers and pursue their passions. 

Read on to learn more about Coco and what fuels her to live her life in the water.

Can you please tell me a little bit about your workout regimen? Can you also share some insight on the jujitsu workout called Ginastica Natural ("natural gymnastics") and how you incorporate that into your routine?

CH - I love Ginastica Natural! It is great for mobility and agility. It is also a really nice warm up for the hips and joints while firing up the core. 

How about your pre-and post-workout routine?

CH - I always like to be properly fueled and digested before a work out. Having the right fuel before a workout is so extremely important to get the value from the workout. Just know your hunger levels pre workout! Post workout I’m usually thinking “replenish,” whether it be with another meal or aminos to feed my muscles. 

coco on the beach

Can you share some of your favorite training tips?

CH - A nice warm up/stretch to wake muscles up. I’ve found light hydration throughout is a game changer (I usually have some electrolytes in my water during workouts). Incorporate stretches throughout your workout saves your soreness levels. 

What are your favorite mantras that prepare you to surf?

CH - When the waves are good and we’d get too excited my dad would always say, “one is better than none, and none is okay too.” Because one good wave will always make you forget if you were having a sub-par session. 

How does SAMBAZON fuel you? 

CH - SAMBAZON is the ultimate surf-snack - filled with natural antioxidants and energy. I typically have it pre-surf or workout. It’s not too heavy and doesn’t take long to digest. Post surf or workout too, as it’s so refreshing. I change up my toppings depending on hunger levels. 

coco eating acai

How would you describe the taste of Açaí?

CH - The taste of Açaí is tangy in the best way, smooth, sweet, goes really well with peanut butter, bananas, granola and coconut.

And lastly, can you please tell me a little bit about your beauty and wellness regimen?

CH - My beauty and health philosophy is “listen to your body.” From a young age I’ve always had a good intuition on what my body was asking for. Eat salad when your body needs nutrients, eat more carbs when you feel like you need more carbs. It also directly reflects beauty rituals as your skin will quickly tell you when you need something.

What's your favorite tip from Coco? Share with us in the comments below.

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